Tennis Balls and Where To Find Them

27 Feb

Making sure you get a good bounce is imperative to having fun out on the tennis court. No matter what colored tennis balls you end up buying, getting a set that will last will make a day on the courts much more fun. Tennis equipment is no easy task for purchasing. You've got all sorts of different websites that sell different gear at different prices. Even something as simple as a tennis ball can range greatly. There are lots of different brands, different colors, and even different sizes. Who know. The history of tennis balls is also interesting so check that out as well.

When you get a can, the first thing that you want to consider is whether you want a three ball tennis can or a four ball tennis can. Often, dunlop tennis balls come in sets of four. I find that this is especially nice for playing doubles. In doubles, you're more likely to hit angles and have the ball go over a court, and so it's nice to have one additional tennis ball. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about leaving it on the tennis court like you might in Singles. In doubles, there are two more players on the court and that means four more pockets for tennis balls.

Another thing to consider is what your use for the tennis balls will. If you are looking for the best tennis balls for a tennis ball machine, you may consider getting preassureless tennis balls. Unlike normal tennis balls, these balls get their bounce from the internal structure of the tennis ball. Make sure you don't only practice with this kind of ball. The bounce is MINIMALLY different, but don't worry it's miniscule. Working with a tennis ball machine can be a great way to improve your game especially if you are playing alone. By playing alone, you ensure you are getting ahead of your normal hitting partner.

You also have the question of whether to buy tennis balls in bulk or buy the can. If you buy in bulk, I would make sure that you buy a case of balls and that all balls are in their own cans. This way, you can keep all the balls fresh and ready until the day you use them. If instead, you purchase a bag of balls, then the balls won't be fresh for more than a week or so. Then, if you bought a bag of 20 balls, you've likely wasted at least 15 of them. Buy tennis balls in bulk can be a great way for tennis teachers to save a bit of money.

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